You don't have to have pets to benefit from our services.  We now offer a 'Holiday Housekeeping' service too.

Did you know that many home insurance policies are invalid if your home isn’t visited regularly?

This can be as often as every 7 days.

For years we've been providing some of these additional services to our clients.

To make your home appear occupied we can:

Switch lights on/off

•Open/close blinds or curtains

•Put refuse bins out/in

•Remove deliveries from doorway

To make life easier on your return we can:

Deliver fresh produce ready for your return eg milk, bread, flowers*

•Water and deadhead plants

•Change/launder your bed linen*

•Dispose of products in your fridge etc that will spoil in your absence

•Drop off and/or collect dry cleaning*

*additional fees may apply

Prices start from £8.00 for a 15 minute visit

Send an email via our Contact Us page or via text to 07504526659 to discuss your needs