We can offer a completely bespoke service, but below is a guide to our prices for standard services.  For Holiday Housekeeping click here


  • Local Legislation is that a MAXIMUM of 4 dogs can be walked together.  
  • If your pet has an 'accident' at home we'll clean up when we visit.  
  • Leave your dogs towel and if they've got muddy paws we'll dry them off when we get back.  
  • It's pouring with rain or snowing?  We'll still take your dog out, but if it's too wet or cold for them we'll bring them home and play with them there so they at least have some company during the day.

*Bitches in heat and some larger breeds will need to be walked solo 

ServiceDurationCost (from)
Group Dog Walk45 mins£11.00
Solo Dog Walk45 mins£14.00
Pet Visitper 15 mins£8.00


If you need someone to visit your pet at home for feeding, cleaning, or socialising purposes we can do that 

  • We can feed them and change their water
  • Play with them
  • Clean up any accidents
  • Remove post etc from your doorway 
  • Let them stretch their legs in your garden
  • We are happy to do this on a one off or regular basis.  
  • We'll visit puppies to feed and clean up, and to start basic training too!

  • We have experience of caring for fish, birds, rodents and cats so we are happy to care for any of these